Registrations are a 2 step process.

Step one is obtain a USAV Membership. You should first click the link to the Excelsior Region Registration above and obtain your USA Volleyball Registration –  every participant is required to be a registered member of USA Volleyball.  The link should take you to the registration page or you can register at – across the top of that page you will also find a registration button.  Follow the prompt if you are a new member, the Account should be placed in the parent name and then the player can be added under the Household account.  Follow the prompts to select the appropriate membership for your program:

    1. 23-24 Try Out – Sept-Dec – there is a $15 registration fee (this will cover multiple tryouts with multiple clubs). This can upgrade to a Full membership at a later time.
    2. League Membership - is for short term programs - select the date of the program start, IE: November 8, 2023 (will cover through the last day of your Winter programs) - There is a $30 registration fee. This will not allow players to be placed on a roster for competition in sanctioned tournaments.
    3. Junior Player Membership is a full season membership that covers all participation from Sept 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024. Only players with this membership can be placed on a roster to play tournaments.

Once your player is registered, you should receive an e-mail with their registration card.  Please have your player bring this card to the tryout or first practice session or you may attach it to the registration in Teamsnap.  (If a player has a temporary membership and accepts a roster position for a travel team, registration will be required to be upgraded to a full membership requiring an additional payment.)

The second step is to register for the desired program below.  For those new to the club, this website sets up your account as a family, the first screen should be filled out for the parent who will receive all information.  The e-mail address placed on that page will be the e-mail account where all information, including invoicing, is provided.  All programs require a $50.00 Deposit to reserve your place in the program.  You may upload the USAV membership info directly into the registration or check off the boxes and bring it with you.

Co-Ed 3 v 3 Summer Grass League

Must have 3 players on the roster to enter, max of 5 per team.  League runs weekends from July 8 - August 12.  Games are played between 10 am - 12 pm at Arnold Park in Vestal.  Teams can enter 1 conflict day to have off in case of summer vacation obligations.  There are 2 divisions: HS/College and College/Adult.  Teams will be given a unisex shirt. $100 per team for early registration through June 14.